Barnett Hyperghost 405 Crossbow

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Barnett’s fastest, hardest-hitting hunting crossbows ever. The HyperGhost 405 features a new upgraded stock and our patented step-through riser. Three included Hyperflite arrows designed exclusively for use with Hyper crossbows put the power of a .204” small diameter arrow in your hands to hammer through any whitetail or large game. Another patented addition: the Retractable Underarm Counter Balance Support (RUCS) hooks under the shooter’s arm to counteract the weight of the riser for a balanced, secure grip when shouldering the weapon. All that plus a monochromatic Mossy Oak Treestand finish with skull detail and blistering 405 feet per second speeds make this a crossbow unlike any other. Includes: Three 22" HyperFlite arrows, premium 1.5 x 5 x 32 mm Illuminated Scope, rope cocking sled and side-mount quiver and lubrication wax. FPS: 405, Axle to Axle: 17.6 in., Power Stroke 16.3 in., Kinetic Energy: 138 ft lbs. and Draw Weight: 185lb.