Dyna-glo Heataround 360 Heater 10k

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The Dyna-Glo Heataround 360 is the only portable recreational heater that provides 360 degrees of warmth.The oxygen depletion sensor allows safe indoor use,for emergency heating.No electricity and no batteries are required,as it is fuled by a 1 lb propane tank (not included). It can also be connected to a 20 lb propane tank for outdoor use,with an optional hose /regulator(not included).The piezo ignition lights quickly and easily,it heats up to 250 sq feet, and it is adjustable from 7,500 BTU's to 10,000 BTU's. It also includes s safety tip-over shutoff switch,just in case. The Dyna-Glo heat around 360 is an outstanding solution for grab-an-go portable heating for most outdoor activities. Not for sale inMassachusetts/Canada.